Regional workshop in Spain

In October, different regional workshops were held in Spain for the presentation of project results and tools. The workshops run in online format with the participation of different companies and organisations from the Basque Country.


  • 20/10/2020 (in paralel with the ingeniering and consultancy committee)
  • 21/10/2020 (in paralel with the electronic committee)
  • 22/10/2020 (in paralel with the information system committee)


Lecture on the topic “Countering stress in the apprenticeship”

Prof. Erika Spieß gave a lecture on how stress can be managed within apprenticeships in cooperation with Wilhelm Appold at the Ausbilderverband (BAV) [Association of instructors]. She also introduced the IMPRESS project to the audience and presented previous results. After the lecture, a fruitful conversation started with all participants and possibilities for future cooperation were discussed. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the lecture was held online.

Spieß, E., Appold, W., Pfaffinger, K. & Reif, J. (2020). Dem Stress in der Ausbildung durch Managementkompetenzen und einer nachhaltigen Organisationsentwicklung begegnen [Countering stress in the apprenticeship through management competencies and a sustainable organizational development]. Online lecture on 23rd of April 2020 at the Ausbilderverband [Association of instructors] (BAV).

Conference contribution on the topic “Digitalisation anxieties and technostress in the work environment”

Prof. Erika Spieß (LMU Munich) presented findings on digitalization anxieties and technostress in the work environment, which are also related to the IMPRESS project, at a conference in Tutzing, Germany and also discussed the project and related experiences with interested participants of the conference.

Spieß, E., Reif, J., & Pfaffinger, K. (2020, March). Digitalisierungsängste und Technostress in der Arbeitswelt – Diagnose und Interventionsmöglichkeiten [Digitalisation anxieties and technostress in the work environment – Diagnosis and possibilities for interventions]. Presented at the conference “Der Staat in der Großen Transformation“ [The nation in a big transformation], Tutzing, Germany.

Participation of IMPRESS project in the Erasmus + thematic cluster meeting

IMPRESS project participanted in the Erasmus+ Thematic Cluster Meeting on University-Business Cooperation. Two members of the consortium (GAIA and WCC) participated in the workshop and disseminated project activities.

The cluster meeting and university -business cooperation forum was held in Brussels for the 23-25 October 2019.

The main objectives were:
• to share the results and good practices of projects
• to identify and support possible synergies between projects
• to facilitate networking and strengthen the KA Community
• to discuss topics that are of common interest

5th Technical project meeting in Riga.

5th technical project meeting was held in Riga in October (1oth -11th October).

During two days the consortium work in the development of project activities and fixed next steeps and to dos for next period.



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