Prof. Erika Spieß gave a lecture on how stress can be managed within apprenticeships in cooperation with Wilhelm Appold at the Ausbilderverband (BAV) [Association of instructors]. She also introduced the IMPRESS project to the audience and presented previous results. After the lecture, a fruitful conversation started with all participants and possibilities for future cooperation were discussed. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the lecture was held online.

Spieß, E., Appold, W., Pfaffinger, K. & Reif, J. (2020). Dem Stress in der Ausbildung durch Managementkompetenzen und einer nachhaltigen Organisationsentwicklung begegnen [Countering stress in the apprenticeship through management competencies and a sustainable organizational development]. Online lecture on 23rd of April 2020 at the Ausbilderverband [Association of instructors] (BAV).